Resource Center- Your guide to some great links.

Consumer Resource Center

The internet has become a fountain of information from what to do, to where to go, to what is questions in your life. Do me a favor, if you find a consumer site that you think is great and solved a question or problem, email me at and I'll add it to this site.

Consumer Recource Handbook

Published by the Consumer Information Center, this site features a directory of web sites, email addresses for national consumer organizations, trade associations, state and local consumer protection offices and agencies.

Top Ten Frauds or Scams

Bogus credit card offers, telemarketing frauds, email frauds, are just a few things you'll find.

Junkbusters guide to reducing Junk

This site tells you about what to do with unwanted junk mail, telemarketing calls, faxes and emails.

Consumer Recycling Guide

This recycling guide provides a starting point for consumers searching the net for recycling information. The information is for regular folks with regular household quantities of materials to recycle.

Kelly Blue Book

Before you shop for a new or used car, you might want to check out this invaluable guide. Trade in and resale values, new pricing reports with specs, photos and more for you vehicle checklist.

Free Credit

Limited offer for a free credit report using the big 3 credit services.

Consumer Health sites

This is a convenient directory from Yale University Medical School. When something is wrong with a person you love, you research everything you can. Maybe this is a good starting point in understanding a health related problem.