Mt Prospect-A short profile

This is my Home Spun News for Mt. Prospect!

"Business Week says Mt Prospect is a great place to raise kids" per the Paddock Herald 11-11-08!

The three most important factors were the school preformance, affordability and safety which shot Mount Prospect into the national spotlight this week. Also taken into account were cost of living, air quality, job growth, racial diversity and access to local parks, ball fields, zoos, recreation centers, museums and theaters.

It is a middle-class community with low crime, affordable homes, award-winning schools, ethnic restaurants, a major regional mall, and a small-town charm that makes the big city less than an hour away seem much farther away.

You won't find palatial estates here?let alone McMansions. People generally live in modest homes with short driveways that touch the yards next door. And residents here have been known to share power generators after storms and take turns cooking meals for sick friends and acquaintances. "I knew one girl who had back surgery," said Jean Murphy, a correspondent for the Daily Herald, suburban Chicago's largest daily newspaper. Murphy, who has covered Mount Prospect since 1983, said: "She had six weeks where she didn't have to cook. That's the kind of town it is."

Other Cook County suburbs that scored highly include Des Plaines, Palatine, Schaumburg, Skokie and Oak Park.

Business Week noted in its article that Prospect High Schools' football team had won 3 state championships.

There's tons of information at  This has new information pactket information on line. Our new city hall is really outstanding with plenty of indoor parking.

Mt Prospect is a town in transition with new plans for Busse Ave off of 83, and plenty of new restaurants. Talking about restaurants: You should go to Mrs. P and Me which has historical pictures of Mt. Prospect on the walls. Really really interesting. The food is great, and the bar is a place to meet friends, and the atmosphere reminds me of a neighborhood bar. Then there's Michaels on Emerson which has really inexpensive hamburgers on Monday nights. I'm very experianced with this Monday evening hangout. Always meet people you know. You might want to stop by on Thursday's. It seems to be a local night. Or how about the Blues Bar for the weekends? I had one of the most enjoyable times this summer, at an outside table, listening to the music and enjoying the night air! 

Mt Prospect is known for being ice cream lovers! Oberweis has great ice cream, and the cottage cheese is excellent. Or this summer enjoy the flowers at Capannari's walk about after getting a gourmet treat and unusual flavors. Loved the butter pecan ice cream and peach ice cream. Hmmm Hmmm Good.All these restaurants and gathering places are walking distance from the train and library.

BTW, the library addition and renovation is awesome! Friendly quiet atmosphere, connected to the main library system in the state, this library has really helpful personnel to help you find that special read. "Explore the Opportunities" slogan really fits this great place! The librarians have given me so much advise on keeping my sons interested in reading, on helping me discover history of areas to create buyer interest, or just finding an interesting speaker.