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60 Amp Electrical Service
The average family years ago, could easily handle a 60 amp service in a home and it is not unsafe to have such little amount of service. However, if the 60 amp service has only 6-8 circuits there could be a condition of "double tapping" , which can be a fire service. The point is this: It's not the service, it's the distribution which can be a fire hazard. Today, with our stoves, electric clothes dryers, tv and electical appliances, there could be a need to have more than that amount of service. In older homes, you find the 60 amp electric service has 6-8 circuits in the entire house. In a new house, you might find that many in the kitchen alone. What one electrician told me it's NOT the amp service it's the distribution is bad. Most new homes have 200 amp service, but I think average updated service is around 100 amp service with probably 20-30 ciruits. Talk to a qualified electrician and discuss your needs before you upgrade existing service. SAFETY HINT: Jim Ferber, from Trusted View Inspections, told me to always touch an electrical box with the back of your hand before opening a box. If there's a short you'll get shocked and your hand will come at you, instead of being attached to the box. I thought it would be good to pass on.
Carbon monoxide detectors & state law
Carbon Monoxide detectors, state Law, what is carbon monoxide, cabon monixide definition, gas, where to install carbon monixide detectors in your home, residential laws of carbon monoxide, what kind are acceptable, what type of carbon monoxide detectors, combination UL testing for smoke and carbon monoxide, carbon monoxide poisoning, exemptions for required carbon monoxide detectors.
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Mt Prospect-A short profile
Mount Prospect offers an active business community, great schools (Districts 57 and 59 and 214 High Schools, and excellent expanded library and park districts, featuring a great wave pool at Lions Park. You'll notice change is in the air in Mt. Prospect with a transforming downtown area featuring small specialty shops and some great restaurants with some historical significance in the down town area. The person who actually decided to build a train station and a town here was a man named Ezra Eggleston, a visionary with really cloudy crystal ball! He bought most of the land that later became downtown Mount Prospect in1874. Eggleston planned to build a train station, lay roads, and then divide the land up into small parcels to sell at a profit. He also gave Mount Prospect its name. "Mount" was because the land sits on some of the highest land in Cook County, and "Prospect" was to proclaim that there were great prospects in this area. Ezra meant to make his fortune from this development, however he had poor timing. Three years before Ezra started building, in 1871, the "Chicago Fire" blazed through downtown. People in Chicago were rebuilding when Ezra was trying to sell them new land. As if this wasn't bad enough there was also the Panic of 1873, which was called the "Great Depression" until 1930. Because of these financial factors, there were few people interested in Eggleston land speculations. Although Ezra was not very good at making money, he gave the town its name and built the first train station. He also laid the roads and divided the village into the city blocks that we all know today. A couple of years after Ezra sold his interest in the community, other people began building stores and houses downtown and made the Village of Mount Prospect come to life. In 1880, the first store was built in Mount Prospect; in 1883, a blacksmith put up a shop; and in 1885, the first tavern opened and the first post office was set up. With all of this development, more people started to move to the area, and with a station downtown, the train now stopped in Mount Prospect. That was a long time ago, and since then the population has grown to 56,265 people according to the 2000 census. Some local newspapers with more recent news could be found at the Mt. Prospect Times, Mt Prospect Journal, the Daily Herald and of course, the Chicago Tribune. Mt. Prospect Park District offers a variety of recreational facilities including a four-star golf course, RecPlex, Central Community Center, The Studio for visual arts, Lions Recreation Center and Friendship Park Conservatory. Our parks number more than 20, and we offer residents a choice of two seasonal outdoor pools and one indoor pool. Mt Prospect is very proud of the park owned Mt. Prospect Golf Club located in the "country club" area of Mt. Prospect North of Lonnquist, South of Lincoln bordered west of Busse Rd and East of 83. Tree lined fairways created a park like style golf course, originally built as a private country club in the 1920's. With its renovations, the Golf Club house has beautiful party rooms and meeting rooms. Golf Digest Magazine awards it a 3-1/2 star rating. The clubhouse includes a pro show, and a great grill. Need practice on your putting? 2 practice greens are available.
Wet Basements
The first step in basement waterproofing is to identify the source of the leak. This can usually be accomplished by consulting with the homeowner to determine how, when, and where the problem occurs. If the basement is unfinished, diagnosis is much easier because water leaves a trail. There are some great companies that offer their know how in determining where you may have problems. Call me and I'll be happy to give you companies and phone number resources. A good portion of repairs involve sealing foundation wall cracks in poured concrete foundations (poured concrete is the most common type of foundation in the Chicago metro area). Cracks are readily visible in an unfinished basement; leaking cracks leave water stains on the foundation wall. In a finished basement, the diagnosis starts by identifying the area where water first enters the basement, then searching the exterior for a crack. Most cracks extend to the top of the foundation wall, which is normally exposed above the soil line. Cracks can be sealed from the interior using our Epoxy / Urethane injection process or from the exterior using our Wall-Clay process. Both methods are very reliable in preventing further seepage through the crack and into the basement. Another common basement waterproofing solution is when the source of seepage is at the cove joint, where the floor and wall meet. Often this is caused by hydrostatic pressure, which occurs when the water table rises after prolonged rain or snow melt. The accumulated weight of water in the ground (8 pounds per gallon) forces water underneath the footing and up into the basement. The best solution to this type of problem is the installation of a Drain Tile System, with a sump pump used to discharge the water. The drain tile (called a French drain in some parts of the country) relieves the hydrostatic pressure by providing an easy path for the water to escape, thus eliminating the water pressure so that the seepage problem goes away. The problem can be addressed from either the interior or exterior. Most of the companies that I recommend give a lifetime warranty for their services. As my Grandfather use to say, a basement can be like an indoor swimming pool on the wrong day. As he explained, cracking concrete is pretty common with age, and with an existing water table, there's always a pressure under ground. A big rainfall and your crack gets more pressure. Get the problem fixed professionally and you'll rest easier.
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Market changes
Learn about the market changes and how it could affect you in 2008! Currently we've had a market adjustment in many of our Northwest Suburban market. Average for 2 years our market has adjusted to a 20% reduction in value in Arlington Heights, Mt. Prospect and Des Plaines. The adjustment was earlier a total of 35% up in a 3.5 year period of time, which was too fast in the appreciation cycle. Now with the adjustment in prices, relatively good mortgage terms and back to basics logic, the market inventory has increased so there are plenty of choices for buyers, and still fair offerings in the market. January of 2008 was a wonderful clearing of many listings that were stymied by the change in the values and are finally sold homes.
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