Buyer Professional Services

What is a buyer's agent and what I will do in your behalf! Professional Buyer Services are guaranteed because I understand the true meaning of Home. I am committed to providing you the following servises so your goal of home ownership becomes a Reality.I work on commission only! All of my costs are out of my pocket, ie my car, computer, cell phone, office rent, board and licensing fees and education courses whether I sell a home or not. RE/MAX does NOT reimburse me or pay me a salary.

? What this means to Me is..I have to do the job and do it right!

? What this means to You is...I have to do the job and do it right!

? Buyer Consultation Session

? Evaluate your needs and expectations of a home. What type of homes will fit your lifestyle?Determining your comfort zone in the array of fincancial choices.

 ? Examine Agency Laws, Buyer Representation and Dual Agency agreements

 ? Financial prequalification vs Pre-Approval Provide a list of documents a lender will need to process the application.

? Assist and coordinate your Buying Team-Your inspector, attorney and other inspections you may want done.

 ? Explain how the multiple listing services work Getting Instant Awareness of New Lisings on the MLS Track

? Property previews and showings provided with comparison shopping hints.

? Property disclosures, lead paint warning statements and mold warnings provided.

? Prior to making an offer, I offer an in depth Comparative Market analysis and property evaluation

? Review the time line, and offer to purchase and related documents. Discuss the negotiating process and response time.

 ? Negotiating in YOUR interest without exposing your confidentiality.

 ? Offer assistance in contract distribution to your team.

? Prepare a list of people who will be participating in the transaction until close.

? Management of contingency fulfillment

? Provide a list of city service phone numbers and utility numbers to make your life easier.

 ? Schedule the final walk thru and inspection, two to three days prior to the closing.

? Attend the closing. If there are any last minute issues, I find the attorneys listen to me, more than the parties.

? After sale referral services.

? Referrals to Jan. Today,Tomorrow and Always!You'll find I'll pass your name on also.