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Professional Buyer Services
• Buyer Consultation Session Evaluate your needs and expectations of a home. What type of homes will fit your lifestyle? Determining your comfort zone in the array of fincancial choices. • Examine Agency Laws, Buyer Representation and Dual Agency agreements • Financial prequalification vs Pre-Approval Provide a list of documents a lender will need to process the application. • Assist and coordinate your Buying Team. • Explain how the multiple listing services work Getting Instant Awareness of New Lisings on the MLS Track • Property previews and showings provided with comparison shopping hints. • Property disclosures, lead paint warning statements and mold warnings provided. • Prior to making an offer, I offer an in depth Comparative Market analysis and property evaluation • Review the time line, and offer to purchase and related documents. Discuss the negotiating process and response time. • Negotiating in YOUR interest without exposing your confidentiality. • Offer assistance in contract distribution to your team. • Prepare a list of people who will be participating in the transaction until close. • Management of contingency fulfillment • Provide a list of city service phone numbers and utility numbers to make your life easier. • Schedule the final walk thru and inspection, two to three days prior to the closing. • Attend the closing. If there are any last minute issues, I find the attorneys listen to me, more than the parties. • After sale referral services. • Referrals to Jan. Today,Tomorrow and Always!You'll find I'll pass your name on also.
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Pre-Qualify for a Mortgage...
Why get prequalified and then preapproved for a mortgage before you begin your search for a home? Because there are 3 people who will benefit from your preapproval: You, your Agent, and the seller from whom you eventually buy a home! Your will want the pre-approval since it takes the mystery out of what mortgages fit best with your income and debt load. It's a really important step to explore the options that are available. The rates that are quoted in the paper are almost always wrong! All banks and lenders are basing the rate they quote on your credit score. I will need where your pre-approval level is. Why? Because I don't want you misinformed about values of homes. I want your expectations of the price of homes and what it will cost you to own it. You have found the house and now your bring an offer to the seller. Wow, the power of a pre-approval comes to the bargaining table. The seller knowing that you have been qualified and gone through the lenders underwriting standards will be willing to talk to you than someone that just had a conversation on the phone. What if you were the seller and you had 2 offers (not so rare anymore) , the seller needs to respond--some who was qualified over the phone, or someone who let the bank scrutinize their qualifications. Hmmmm, easy decision for the Seller. It's not hard getting a pre-approval. Make an appointment with your lender of choice, and if you need some options, I'll let you know who's a reliable source for you. You'll need to bring in bank statements, W9, income tax forms, statements about your debt. Ask the lender what else they may require so they can be complete in their package to underwriting. Once you have submited your documents, you'll get the amount, payment and range you should be looking in! Easy as pie if you organize the materials first.
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Featured Properties
These homes are currently listed and waiting your inspection. Looking at homes currently on the market is a way to develop the real estate value system. The experts in Real Estate say the seller offers his property on the market (hopefully )with all the market information to be able to price the home. The seller has the task of putting his home on the market that is competitive. However the buyers confirms the market value to the Seller. This is the definition of Market Value. Buyers love to shop and compare, and you really are the expect in pricing. As a CRS, ABR, I'll help you to see what other homes have sold for and explain what the market trends are doing to affect the value. Buying and/Selling a home is not a struggle but an intellectial decision on value, from the seller and the buyer.
Buyer Professional Services
Since I am an ABR - Accredited Buyers Representative and a CRS (a higher designation ), I've had hundreds of hours of classroom education, hundreds of hours of sales training through seminar's to help you make an educated decision about housing and your life.
"My Property Finder"
With "My Property Finder" you will have your own personal research center with the ability to use the Advance Search, Save Searches, save and organize properties into Favorite Folders, and at your option, receive Email Notices of newly listed properties that meet your advanced search criteria, and have unlimited access to Virtual Tours and Photo Galleries. Want a custom search? Email me your criteria and I'll set the parameters up through the mls system. Hopefully this will save you time and allow you to focus on what you are really looking for! My email is, and this is a service I'll gladly preform for you daily, weekly or bi-monthly and yet you'd have the freedom to mouse around in this venue! Want to make finding a home easy.
What is a pre-qualification and pre-approval mean?
It is useful for home buyers to understand the difference between loan pre-qualification and pre-approval. Pre-qualification, which in today's marketplace is usually done by mortgage brokers, means working with the buyers to determine how much they can afford and which loans are the most likely to be available to them. Loan pre-qualification can save buyers time and money and can even be a bargaining tool with a seller. However, pre-qualification is not the same as loan "pre-approval". The mortgage broker can often get the buyer a pre-qualification letter, but pre-approval must be issued by the mortgage lender. Pre-approval means that the lender has definitely committed to loaning the buyer money, once the house itself is approved. Since it is a much stronger pledge, it is a much more valuable negotiating tool. When you hear someone talking about "pre-approval", they are referring to specific acknowlegment by a lender that they are willing to loan the buyer money. I can really help you in the process of finding a trustworthy representative.
Virtual Tours -- You still need to get out of those Bunny slippers!
I think the new technology of virtual tours, scrolling through interior pictures is great for buyers to get a "feel" of the interior of the homes. Not all virtual tours "make you dizzy" as they spin around.. (Most times I prefer a slide show so I get a feeling of depth.) The best way for me though, is to go see the house. Sometimes I "preview" the houses, to see if I would like to precede with an appointment.Consider this: the listing agent has posted pictures to entice you to see the house, but they haven't posted the nasties. I'm here to do the running around so you don't have to! Sometimes I schedule an appointment but there are community weekly tours for Realtors and that's when I'm able to get a feel for what that market area generates. Let me know if you would like me to look at homes specifically with your taste and desires before our appointments.
Featured Properties List
Please see these select homes offered for sale. I run comparative markets on all my listings monthly to make sure my listings are priced fairly in the market. I'm happy to share with this buyers so they know value also. At the end of the transaction, I want everyone to know that they were treated fairly and had all the facts when buyer or seller are making some pretty big decisions about their future home and investment. Call me if you have any concerns and enjoy the "slipper" tour from your home.
Home Inspections-What to expect
I think Home Inspections are a great way for you to get a clear picture of the house without any window dressing. On that day, the inspector will look at all the mechanicals, the electric box, and any potential hazards that will relate to your living in the home. It's a snap shot of the individual makings of a home. The inspector will note the roof, chimney condition, gutters and facia. He'll note the concrete condition and asphalt condition. Then he will go room to room being a detective for and defects. Kitchen appliances are tested as well as checking the disposal, and plumbing fixtures and drains. Bathrooms, are particularly examined, for water leaks, plumbing errors, toilet not seated correctly, faucets that leak. These are all important issues. Bedrooms are inspected for tell tale roof leaks on the ceilings, electrical issues with wall sockets and of course, broken windows. The majority of the time will be spent on the mechanicals, ie furnace, hot water heater and electrical box. Safety concerns abound in these 3 items. Care and maintenance of the furnace, age of the appliance and condition are important. Be aware, there usually is a joint leak of gas somewhere that will need to be repaired. It's common. Electrical issues arise from newer standards and rules. Years ago, double tapping was considered okay, but no longer. The current thoughts are one wire for each circuit. If there is a basement or not, the inspector will look at the foundation very carefully and will note cracks that you need to be concerned with.
Adding Value with Home Repairs